Ear diseases can cause significant suffering and are very common. Hearing loss can have a profound affect on children’s educational development and achievement.

We have specialists who can assess your child’s hearing and ensure that timely and appropriate treatment is given. Ear infections can range from annoying to life threatening, early treatment can prevent damage to hearing and balance or the development of complications. Dizziness and Tinnitus can have a significant affect on your quality of life that, our consultants are renowned experts in the field and offer detailed diagnosis and up to date treatment.

Conditions we treat and operations we perform

The following are some of the conditions we treat and operations that we perform. Many have links to our national organisation (ENT-UK) website, you can visit for further information.

ENT - Ear problems, hearing issues, clinics & speacialists in Winchester, Hampshire, Southampton and South of England
ENT - Ear & Hearing Problems - Clinics & Speacialists in Winchester, Hampshire, Southampton and South of England

Not “just ear wax”

Jenny was suffering from blocked and itchy ears. She bought some drops from the pharmacist to help clear wax. She used these regularly for 2 weeks, but felt no better. Her hearing deteriorated and she developed some discomfort. She was worried as she had a holiday booked and was terrified that she may not be able to fly.