Not “just ear wax”

Jenny was looking forward to flying on holiday in a few weeks time. Unfortunately she was suffering with a blocked ear that was uncomfortable and affecting her hearing. When her GP referred her to the ENT Group we were able to help and ease the family’s fears.

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Jenny was suffering from blocked and itchy ears. She bought some drops from the pharmacist to help clear wax. She used these regularly for 2 weeks, but felt no better. Her hearing deteriorated and she developed some discomfort. She was worried as she had a holiday booked and was terrified that she may not be able to fly. She attended her General Practitioner and was told that it was not possible to see the canal or drum as there was sweeping and debris. A referral was made to the ENT Group.


Jenny was seen promptly by a consultant from the ENT Group. He made the diagnosis of infective otitis externa.


The consultant took a swab of the debris and this was sent for tests. He performed a careful micro suction of the debris and placed a wick to open the narrowed canal and allow the administration of antibiotic ear drops. JC returned a few days later and the wick was removed. She finished her antibiotic drops. Once the infection had settled her consultant performed some hearing tests.


Jenny’s ears returned to normal, her hearing was restored and she had no discomfort. She was able to fly with the knowledge that it was safe to do so.

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Some names have been changed to protect the individual’s rights, the photo is for illustrative purposes only.
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