Thyroid Cancer

Laura noticed a swelling in her neck, she was referred to our specialist who made a rapid diagnosis and she underwent successful surgery.

Thryoid Cancer Patient after surgery-consultation-adults-childrens-clinics-hampshire-winchester


Laura noticed a small lump in her neck. She had no symptoms from it. She attended her doctor who immediately referred her to the ENT Group.


Laura was booked in to see the ENT Group specialist in neck lumps the next day. She was seen and assessed. He explained that she had a lump in her thyroid gland. An urgent scan and needle biopsy was performed. Laura was advised that the results showed a thyroid cancer with no spread elsewhere.


Laura underwent thyroidectomy (removal of the thyroid gland). She spent one night in hospital and made an excellent recovery. Two weeks after surgery she was “back to herself”. She was discussed at a multidisciplinary cancer team meeting and no further treatment was needed.


Laura proved to have a small thyroid cancer that was caught early. She required no other treatment and was told she had a very good chance of cure. She remains under careful follow up, fit and well and free of disease four years later.

If you have a neck lump, call 0800 0778147 to make an appointment for prompt diagnosis and expert treatment.

Some names have been changed to protect the individual’s rights, the photo is for illustrative purposes only.
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